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About Cows

My first venture into the barnyard sold over 60,000 copies worldwide.

It's a montage, a compendium, a collection of cow humor, cow miscellany and more than you ever wanted to learn about cows...inside and out. A reviewer for The Chicago Tribune said, "What Rath doesn't know about cows is not worth knowing."


Trivia includes:
* The daily jaw movements of a cow average 41,360.
* There are 340 squirts in a pail of milk.
* The average cow produces 30 pounds of urine and 65 pounds of feces daily. At least 15 tons of waste are produced per cow per year.


NOTE Two versions of this book are available (Amazon and eBay) - the original, with a painting of two Holstein cows chewing their cud and signatures of color photographs inside; and a revised edition without the color pictures, cover photograph has a cow licking a smiling man.