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The Complete Pig

New York Times Book Review:
"Sara Rath's album THE COMPLETE PIG: An Entertaining History of Pigs, contains enough eccentric pig lore to leave the browser giddy with pleasure. And browsing is in order. While the longer accounts of pigs in history, art and literature are just fine, the reader is constantly delayed by seductive little sidebars, like an entry on singing pigs in the court of Louis XI..." (8-27-2000)

Los Angeles Times
"Going Whole Hog -- Sara Rath's new book is a swine fest of little-known facts about porkers of all kinds, from the flying variety to lumbering hogs....When Rath tells people she's written a pig book, 'They think that's a big hoot -- and it is funny -- but it's serious, too.' She's intrigued with 'the paradox of the pig,' how in different cultures it is either revered or reviled, considered good or bad luck. Now that she's written books on cows and pigs, which animal does she think is smarter? Rath laughs. 'Well,' she says, 'I don't think cows can be house-trained.'" (6-5-2000)