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Notes From a Broad

Notes from a Broad - 1st attempt

Oh, bother! Where's the delete key?

So much to say, so little time. I'm between writing projects (what to do next?) and my husband says I'll have to start helping him with housework now that my new novel is done. So, HELP! I tried using the vacuum cleaner yesterday. He had to show me how to start it (!) and today I'm

struggling with a sore back, so I need to find another book-idea very soon. Not certain if I should pursue the historical-novel-in-progress, or work on collecting my poems. Ideas?

NOTE: The title of my blog comes from an organization to which I belong (and feel great loyalty to): Great Old Broads For Wilderness. Check them out. Tough women. My goal is to take a Broadwalk with them within the next decade. Probably sooner rather than later...

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